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Breakfast Program

Our Breakfast Program will be up and running beginning next Monday, September 18th. Our breakfast menu varies, offering both a hot and cold breakfast on different days, and is open Monday to Thursday, 8:45-9:05 a.m., when the bell rings for the school day to begin.

Running the Breakfast Program is a great endeavor but it takes a lot of time and planning, and therefore, anyone who might be available to help us on any of those mornings would be greatly appreciated. Anyone wishing to donate food items (cereal, juice, bread) to our Program is welcome to do so. We would greatly appreciate this.

Every student is welcome to join us at the Breakfast Program. Early risers who don’t feel like eating might want to join us when they arrive at school. Students arriving early for sports often join us before class. We encourage all students to take part. We all think better when our tummies are happy! If you have any questions about our program, are able to volunteer, or wish to contribute food donations, please feel free to contact either Mrs. Russell, or Madame Boissonneault.

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