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Together in Faith

Catholic schools have been part of Ontario communities for over 170 years and play a vital role in the province by producing graduates who are collaborative contributors to the common good of society.
The Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ Association (OCSTA) provides the provincial voice for elected Catholic school trustees to promote and protect publicly funded Catholic education. The OCSTA has launched a new campaign to strengthen support of Catholic education in Ontario.
This new campaign, entitled Together in Faith, is designed to strengthen our community of support for Catholic education in Ontario.  When you sign up you will be provided with ongoing information about our Catholic system and will be counted among the many Ontarians who want to protect our incredible Catholic schools.
We’d like to invite you to sign up and join in strengthening our community of support for Catholic education in Ontario. You can sign up for this new initiative by visiting your school website where you will find a link to Together in Faith or
Thank you for continuing to choose Catholic education. We look forward to continuing this journey together. 

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